I am on Twitch

At the end of 2020, I wanted to try something new, well new for the Selenium community. I created a new Twitch channel.


The main reason is that I wanted to show people that working on Selenium is not scary. You don’t need to be a “rockstar” engineer. Actually, Rockstars are actively discouraged since they normally just trash hotel rooms.

What have I done so far?

I have shown people around the codebase. With Selenium being a monorepo which we do Trunk Based Development. This can seem scary to some people seeing the code for the first time. I showed that it’s not scary!

I also showed people how they can contribute to the Selenium Documentation. Documentation is how a number of Selenium Core contributors got into the project as it is a definite pay it forward system, making sure that future Selenium users have correct working examples.

And last week was about starting to remove all the python 2 specific code from the python part of the tree. This is not complete and, this week, I hope to work on it a bit more. I will be leaving the code base littered with TODO if anyone wanted to contribute.


At the moment there is a session every Thursday at 2 PM GMT. Hopefully, as the UK comes out of lockdown, I will be able to add a few more sessions during a week. If you subscribe to the channel you will be updated as sessions change and be notified when a session has started. So please do subscribe! If you miss a session they are stored on Twitch for a couple weeks so you can always catch up later.

Future Sessions

As we go through the year if you have ideas of things you want to see in a session, please let me know. My DMs on Twitter are open or feel free to add something to a session chat.