Browser Testing and Tools WG Meeting @ TPAC 2020

It’s that time of the year where working groups from the W3C meet up to discuss the various standards that are being worked on.

Within the Browser Testing and Tools Working Group, there are 2 different standards.

We have:

The first is what is commonly supported by the Selenium Project and has support from Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google in their browsers. It is also supported by various Selenium in the cloud providers like Sauce Labs and BrowserStack.

As the world has moved on we have felt the need to add new APIs and move Selenium to be more event-driven. This is where we are learning, and collaborating, with projects like Puppeteer to make sure that we can improve the Browser Automation space. This is where the WebDriver-Bidi Specification comes in. It has broad support from the browser vendors so you can use official browsers and not be limited by the JavaScript sandbox. Some of the newer frameworks can’t guarantee that.

If you’re curious about we discussed this week, feel free to read it up on the W3 Wiki.