WebDriver Face To Face - February 2014

This week saw the latest WebDriver F2F to work on the specification. We held the meeting at the Mozilla San Francisco office.

The agenda for the meeting was placed, as usual, on the W3 Wiki. We had quite a lot to discuss and, as always, was a very productive meeting.

The meeting notes are available for Tuesday and Wednesday. The most notable items are;

  • Changing switchToFrame to only accept a WebElement or Index
  • Adding switchToParentFrame to the API
  • Potential changes to the way we do clicks on elements larger
  • Numerous bugs in the spec
  • Removing findElement(By.className and By.Id)
  • Landed the User Interactions spec and created an endpoint for batched actions

The other amazing things that happened was we had Blackberry join the working group, especially after their announcement saying they have created an implementation.

And… how can I forget about this…

The specification is getting a lot of attention from the people that we need and want which makes me really excited!