TPAC 2013 - WebDriver Face To Face and more

Last week I was at W3 TPAC for week of face to face meeting to discuss WebDriver and other W3C specifications that other working groups are working on.

Our initial agenda went up just before the meeting and we were lucky enough to get through all the items. If you would like to read the notes for the meeting Monday and Tuesday.

Highlights from the meeting are

  • We are rescoping the specification to have the relevant things we need - we have been suffering from scope creep so we are removing things that aren’t complete or won’t be completed soon. We will be creating WebDriver “Level 2” specification which those features will go into.
  • We have roughly 36 weeks worth of work to get the spec and tests done. - I will be writing details on how anyone can help make this time line realistic so we hit all of our milestones!
  • We are going to be adding an API for when an element is intractable via mouse/touch, we haven’t decided on a name yet but will be in the spec soon
  • Simon and I were speaking to other editors/working groups to see if we could offload definitions of things to them. It seemed to be positive, let’s see where things head.

There are other actions from the meeting that need to be done but I think the items above cover the main points, at least for me, that came out of the meeting.

I found the rest of the week actually really useful from a networking perspective and from a learning perspective. I have a lot of changes that I need to put into the WebDriver spec and have been getting feed back about when i am doing it wrong which is great!