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WebDriver F2F - July 2016

Fri 22 Jul 2016

Last week saw the latest WebDriver F2F to work on the specification. We held the meeting at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.

The agenda for the meeting was placed, as usual, on the W3 Wiki. We had quite a lot to discuss and, as always, was a very productive meeting.

The meeting notes are available for Wednesday and Thursday. The most notable items are;

  • Finalising Actions in the specification
  • newSession
  • Certificate handling on navigation
  • Specification tests

We also welcomed Apple to their first WG meeting. You may have missed it, but there is going to be a Safari Driver built in in macOS.

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The final major player is set to ship WebDriver

Thu 16 Jun 2016

It was nearly a year ago that Microsoft shipped their first implementation of WebDriver. I remember being so excited as I wrote a blog post about it.

This week, Apple have said that they are going to be shipping a version of WebDriver that will allow people to drive Safari 10 in macOS. In the release notes they have created safari driver that will be shipping with the OS.

If you have ever wondered why this is important? Have a read of my last blog post. In Firefox 47 Selenium caused Firefox to crash on startup. The Mozilla implementation of WebDriver, called Marionette and GeckoDriver, would never have hit this problem because test failures and crashes like this would lead to patches being reverted and never shipped to end users.

Many congratulations to the Apple team for making this happen!

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Selenium WebDriver and Firefox 47

Tue 14 Jun 2016

With the release of Firefox 47, the extension based version FirefoxDriver is no longer working. There was a change in Firefox that when Selenium started the browser it caused it to crash. It has been fixed but there is a process to get this to release which is slow (to make sure we don't break anything else) so hopefully this version is due for release next week or so.

This does not mean that your tests need to stop working entirely as there are options to keep them working.


Firstly, you can use Marionette, the Mozilla version of FirefoxDriver to drive Firefox. This has been in Firefox since about 24 as we, slowly working against Mozilla priorities, getting it up to Selenium level. Currently Marionette is passing ~85% of the Selenium test suite.

I have written up some documentation on how to use Marionette on MDN

I am not expecting everything to work but below is a quick list that I know doesn't work.

  • No support for self-signed certificates
  • No support for actions
  • No support logging endpoint
  • I am sure there are other things we don't remember

It would be great if we could raise bugs.

Firefox 45 ESR or Firefox 46

If you don't want to worry about Marionette, the other option is to downgrade to Firefox 45, preferably the ESR as it won't update to 47 and will update in about 6-9 months time to Firefox 52 when you will need to use Marionette.

Marionette will be turned on by default from Selenium 3, which is currently being worked on by the Selenium community. Ideally when Firefox 52 comes around you will just update to Selenium 3 and, fingers crossed, all works as planned.

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GeckoDriver (Marionette) Release v0.7.1

Wed 04 May 2016

I have just released a new version of the Marionette, well the executable that you need to download.

The main fix in this release is the ability to send over custom profiles that will be used. To be able to use the custom profile you will need to have marionette:true capability and pass in a profile when you instantiate your FirefoxDriver.

We have also fixed a number of minor issues like IPv6 support and compiler warnings.

We have also move the repository where our executable is developed to live under the Mozilla Organization. This is now called GeckoDriver. We will be updating the naming of it in Selenium and documentation over the next few weeks.

Since you are awesome early adopters it would be great if we could raise bugs.

I am not expecting everything to work but below is a quick list that I know doesn't work.

  • No support for self-signed certificates
  • No support for actions
  • No support logging endpoint
  • I am sure there are other things we don't remember

Switching of Frames needs to be done with either a WebElement or an index. Windows can only be switched by window handles.

If in doubt, raise bugs!

Thanks for being an early adopter and thanks for raising bugs as you find them!

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Tue 01 Mar 2016

The thing that is at the core of every hyper effective team is trust. Without it, any of the pieces that make the team hyper effective can fall apart very quickly. This is something that I have always instinctively known. I always work hard with my reports to make sure they can trust me. If they trust me, and more importantly I trust them, then I can ask them to take on work and then just come back every so often to see if they are stuck.

The other week I was in Washington, D.C to meet up with my manager peers. This was done with the plan to see how we can interact with each other, build bridges and more importantly build trust.

How did we do this?

We did a few trust exercises which, I am not going to lie was extremely uncomfortable. One actually made me shake in my boots was one where I had to think of things I was proud of last year and things I could have done better. Then I needed to say what I was planning for this year that I will be proud of. Once my part was done, the rest of the group could make comments about me.

"They are my peers, they are open to me all the time..." is what my brain should have been saying. In actual fact it was saying, "They are about to crucify you...". The irony is that my peers are a lovely group who are amazingly supportive. My brain knows that but went into flight mode...

This exercise showed that people are allowed to say both positive and negative things about your work. Always assume the best in people (at first until they prove otherwise).

It showed that conflict is ok, in actual fact it is extremely healthy! Well as long as it is constructive to the group and not destructive.

We also read The five dysfunctions of a team which I highly recommend. It puts trust at the heart of all the things people do!.

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