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Marionette Executable Release v0.6.0

Wed 13 Jan 2016

I have just released a new version of the Marionette, well the executable that you need to download.

The main fixes in this release is the ability to speak to Firefox and get meaningful error messages. This was a slight oversight on our part to make sure that we don't run commands out of sync. We have also added in getPageSource. This "native" call runs in the browser instead of trying to do it in the JavaScript sandbox which is what a number of the drivers were attempting. This will be added to the specification very soon.

I have also landed the update to interactions to the specification. This reads much better and has prose that makes it implementable. I suspect as the likes of Google and Microsoft start looking to implement it there will be bugs that need fixing.

Since you are awesome early adopters it would be great if we could raise bugs.

I am not expecting everything to work but below is a quick list that I know doesn't work.

  • No support for self-signed certificates
  • No support for actions
  • No support logging endpoint
  • I am sure there are other things we don't remember

Switching of Frames needs to be done with either a WebElement or an index. Windows can only be switched by window handles. This is currently how it has been discussed in the specification.

If in doubt, raise bugs!

Thanks for being an early adopter and thanks for raising bugs as you find them!

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