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A new Marionette version available for Selenium Users with Java, .NET and Ruby support

Wed 07 Oct 2015

If you have been wanting to use Marionette but couldn't because you don't work in Python now is your chance to do so! Well, if you are a Java User, .NET and Ruby you can use it too!! All the latest downloads of the Marionette executable are available from our development github repository releases page. We will be moving this to the Mozilla organization the closer we get to a full release.

There is also a new page on MDN that walks you through the process of setting up Marionette and using it. There are examples for all the language bindings currently supported.

Since you are awesome early adopters it would be great if we could raise bugs.

I am not expecting everything to work but below is a quick list that I know doesn't work.

  • No support for self-signed certificates
  • No support for actions
  • No support logging endpoint
  • getPageSource not available. This will be added in at a later stage, it was a slightly contentious part in the specification.
  • I am sure there are other things we don't remember

Switching of Frames needs to be done with either a WebElement or an index. Windows can only be switched by window handles. This is currently how it has been discussed in the specification.

If in doubt, raise bugs!

Thanks for being an early adopter and thanks for raising bugs as you find them!

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