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Wanting to do some open source work but not sure what this weekend?

Thu 01 May 2014

The Automation and Tools team at Mozilla has been working tirelessly to find some bugs that everyone can work on if you are stuck at home with rain. Our collection of good first bugs has been curated and has a number of really great mentors that can help get you started on the path to submitting a patch.

Wondering if it is worthwhile? My post last week asking for people to help on Marionette Good First Bugs has had 2 patches landed in Mozilla-Central and people looking at another 3 bugs. The list only had 9 bugs so that is more than half that are being picked up.

The best way to do things is look at our New Contributor page and get all the necessary things setup. Unfortunately some items might take a little work but its just something you need to do once.

Want to work on some bugs? We have a great list that you can choose from.

I look forward to seeing some great patches from you all!

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