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Selenium Conference 2013

Thu 20 Jun 2013

Last week was Selenium Conference in Boston, MA. This was the 3rd conference this year and it did not disappoint.This was the largest Selenium Conference ever! There were around 450 people there this year and we managed to get a large number of good high quality talks.

The main take aways from the conference, other than meeting some really brilliant people, was that:

  • Selenium 3 will be coming out around December.
  • Marionette, also known as FirefoxDriver 2 to some is available in the Nightly branch of Firefox. If you want background please read this post
  • A good automated test is indistiguishable from monitoring.
  • Mobile is the future

I managed to get myself doing 2 talks at the conference but they seemed to be well received. Below are the links to the slides and videos.

Thanks to the organisers who did a great job and worked many hours to make this years conference happen. I am already looking forward to being at next years conference!

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