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HackBMTH last weekend

Wed 17 Jul 2013

Last weekend there was another HackBMTH, this time hosted by Adido. This was my first time going to a hackathon in the Bournemouth area and it was a great. Jonathan Ginn and Adam Howard are the organisers and to be honest, they did a brilliant job of organising the event.

There were people from all over Bournemouth and as far away as Reading who came to work on their little projects or create new hacks. There were ops people helping people setup Apache and a few other things. There were people creating games, one of which was a tank game that took a picture from the webcam and turned that into the level. Finally a use for QR codes!

I worked on my GitHub+Travis Firefox Add-on. I worked to start pulling in the build history of Travis CI Projects to the project page on Github. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like at the moment. It's still rough around the edges.

You can install a pre-release from Github if you want play with it. Feel free to raise bugs about it on the Github page.

The only thing that I was disappointed with was that there was only 1 female. This I should point out I don't think is the fault of the organisers. When I worked in Southampton there weren't many females applying for positions so I know the area suffers from a lack of them. I know that there are some as students, having met them at B & W Meet, so I hope that more will come. After all, one of the main reasons there are not enough woman in tech is because there are not enough woman in tech, to paraphrase Sheryl Sandberg.

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