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What is it like to be a Mozillian; My first two years.

Thu 25 Oct 2012

It has been two years to the day that I joined Mozilla. I have mentioned in the past that I came in having missed the contributor to employee route and, as I said then, feel like I have missed out.

So what have the last two years been like? If I was only allowed one word it would be "Rollercoaster". Now I know that you are probably thinking that I chose it for the cliche of ups and downs. I chose the word because it is full on, and at a tremendous speed, and with out a doubt, fun!

So what have I done in the last 2 years at Mozilla? I have worked in 3 different teams. I started out in the WebQA team helping standardise the way they write their Selenium tests. They have gone on to do much much more than I expected and I love watching what this team does. It is after all my first home in Mozilla.

The next team that I was in was Automation Services. This was a team that I co-lead with Henrik Skupin and we did some really good things. This team was then merged with the Automation and Tools team, the A-Team as they are known internally, which is my current team.

I have worked on everything from web applications to Firefox Mobile to Firefox itself. I am co-editing a W3C standard with Simon Stewart to make sure that web developers and software testers can increase the quality of the products that they deliver to the web. I have worked on Frameworks and production code and I have written a lot of tests.

All the while knowing that everything I do is making a difference to the way the web is being used and worked on. It is one of the main things that drives to me to want to work at Mozilla. One of the other main things that I have found interesting, and to be honest still shocks me, is the warmth that people exhibit when they find that you work for Mozilla.

So after two years at Mozilla I can honestly say that I am working with a large number of brilliant people, though I have always been lucky with my previous employers, who continue to teach me, guide me and to give me opportunities to show how brilliant our craft and industry is!

P.s. Want to help Mozilla? Have a look at What can I do for Mozilla?

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