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The beginning of a standard for browser automation

Thu 12 Jan 2012

WebDriver, the browser automation framework we all love, is on its way to becoming a browser standard. WebDriver as an OSS project is 5 years old and started being merged into the Selenium project about 3 years ago. From there we have seen WebDriver grow. It has had a lot updates in that time. The team is currently averaging ~100 commits a week.

In the short time, from GTAC 2009 when they were created, the Ruby bindings created by Jari Bakken have had over a million downloads! The Python bindings have around 3000 downloads a week and growing. Jim Evans work on the .NET bindings is great, I don't have figures because of Nuget. Same with the Java bindings. Maven makes it difficult to know how many downloads.

We have also seen that Selenium Jobs have overtook the commercial counterparts. All of these things point to us needing a standard to make sure if we can do the same thing on multiple devices and multiple OSes.

Yesterday we held a W3 meeting in the Google UK office. It was great to be able to get in a room and discuss what needed. A plan was hatched on what needs to be done next, and it is going to be a lot of work.You can see the minutes of the meeting here to see what we discussed.

Mozilla, Opera and Google are happy with the direction we are going and long may it last! It will be great to get Microsoft and Apple involved soon.

Remember that all of this work is happening out in the open and you can watch the Hg repository for the editors draft updates.

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