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Automation Services Week 20 - 24 February

Fri 02 Mar 2012

The team have been really busy over the last week. Dave Hunt joined the WebQA work week. They had their first ever live test day. I suggest that you go have a read of what happened on Dave's blog. I for one am really glad that it was success and hope that it can be emulated again in the new London office soon!

The team has also been really hard at work getting Memchaser 0.2 finished. Henrik Skupin has blogged about what we improvements have been made. This has been approved on AMO so you should be told about the update soon!!.

Cameron has been working on Case Conductor and has release 0.8. Major kudos to him on getting it all the way to this point and still be on track for a 1.0 release at the end of the month!

We have a number of projects that could do with some help so if you have free time have a look and see how you can help us!

Look out for future updates and if you want to join our team meetings you can get all of the details at here and you can also get notes from previous meetings.

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