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Automation Services Week 19 - 23 March

Thu 29 Mar 2012

This is 2nd to last week of the quarter and we have been busy closing off projects!

Henrik has implemented the dynamic job execution per node group for running daily and L10N Firefox builds. This means that we can consume Pulse messages and trigger tests for that specific platform. We are also looking at how we can find a solution for running scripts cross platform without having to duplicate certain parts of the code. This goal should be finished by the end of the quarter. He is also wanting to use a new tool called Pulse build monitor from the Automation and Tools Team to make processing of Pulse messages easier.

I have pretty much finished the validation code for Mozmill Dashboard. This goal should be finished too by the end of the quarter and then we just need a quick security review we can finally close it off!

Memchaser now has support for the new GC/CC API by listening for Observer notifications. We have also made updates for what info is being logged after a request from the JavaScript team. We have also been working on a few different features and still on track for a 3 April release!

We have also successfully published a new version of Nightly Tester Tools Addon and have passed review so make sure to get the update!

We have a number of projects that could do with some help so if you have free time have a look and see how you can help us!

Look out for future updates and if you want to join our team meetings you can get all of the details at here and you can also get notes from previous meetings.

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