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Automation Services Week 13 - 17 Feburary

Fri 24 Feb 2012

This week has been relatively quiet for the team in terms of their usual projects mainly because there was a chemsplill last week. A chemsplill is where a major exploit has been found and we need to get this closed as quickly as possible so that Firefox users are safe from malicious code execution. Unfortunately details of this have not been released yet but you will have noticed that 10.0.2 was released last week.

The team has also been working hard on getting more tasks for contributors. We have also added more mentored projects, below is links to projects that have tasks community members can get involved in

Cameron has been working hard on Case Conductor, the a test case management tool. 0.8 is now done and ready for deployment. Cameron is also working with WebQA to get more test coverage on it and get it out the door. Cameron has been discussing with the Case Conductor team about how we can have a 1.0 release by the end of March. Look out for more on this in weeks to come.

Look out for future updates and if you want to join our team meetings you can get all of the details at here and you can also get notes from previous meetings.

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