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Automation Services Week - 12 - 17 March

Thu 22 Mar 2012

The team continues to close out projects for the quarter.

Henrik has continued working on the MozMill CI automation. He has added nodes for items to be run on windows and is now moving on to having items setup in Linux. He will then be working on code so that we distribute all the testing across all of the machines. This is really coming together and I look forward to the end result.

I have been working on getting things ready for working with Simon Stewart on the W3C Browser Automation Spec which will be doing next week! Hopefully not long after you read this you will be able to see it nearly complete!!

I have also been working on the Mozmill Dashboard validation code. This will hopefully be a trivial amount of work to finish off and then I will be submitting it for a security review with the Mozilla InfraSec team.

Henrik has released MemChaser 0.2.1 last week to be able to use the new console parser code that was added. Have a look at all the new details in his blog post.

Dave has been investigating a regression in memory usage within Firefox. All the details can be found in Bug 724553

We have a number of projects that could do with some help so if you have free time have a look and see how you can help us!

Look out for future updates and if you want to join our team meetings you can get all of the details at here and you can also get notes from previous meetings.

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