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Automation Services 27 February - 03 March

Thu 08 Mar 2012

It's amazing how quickly a week can go by!

The team has been hard at work on all of their projects.

Cameron has managed to get a stage and dev server up and running for Case Conductor so that people can help test it.

Dave has also done a proof of concept of a Proposal he blogged about a while back. With this, and being on track for a 1.0 release of Case Conductor at the end of the month this is looking great!

Our CI projects for Mozill are coming along nicely. Geo has been testing on getting this multiple Windows versions. Multi-platform products can create an interesting matrix of what needs testing.Henrik added support for Firefox ESR 10.0 to the CI system and will finishing that off soon! I am really excited by this project.

If you missed it last week, Memchaser 0.2 has been released and blogged about it! Thanks to the entire team for contributing to this!

Finally, David Guo, our intern, has been working on moving our Mozmill tests over to work with Mozmill 2.0. Currently we are working with 1.5.x and have been waiting for 2.0 to be stablised. The A*team have done a great job of stabising the code for us to now update!

We have a number of projects that could do with some help so if you have free time have a look and see how you can help us!

Look out for future updates and if you want to join our team meetings you can get all of the details at here and you can also get notes from previous meetings.

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