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Selenium Conferences

Fri 21 Jan 2011

Wow, what a year this is going to be! For those that have been using Selenium for years, there has been something that a lot of people asking for. A conference just for Selenium. There have been none for a while and now, like buses, we have a couple of conferences

Firstly there is Selenium Camp that is being organised in Kiev, Ukraine. Beware the site is written in Russian but there is a browser from a search engine that will open the site and translate it to your language of choice. There are talks that match every type of user for Selenium. There are talks that show how to do low level things as well as talks that shows how to Page Objects.

Secondly we have Selenium Conference that is being organised by a number of Selenium Comitters and the companies that they work for/with. The program has not been released because they are still looking for people to send in proposals for talks. If you fancy submitting a talk I suggest filling in this form straight away!

Both of these conference are the type of conferences that I love. They are not there for companies to do Sales Pitches! They are talks about technologies or about people's experience. I know that the program for Selenium Conference is not out but I have been assured that "Experiences and Technological Talks" will be the accepted over anything else. I will be speaking at Selenium Camp and have submitted a proposal to Selenium Conference so hopefully can speak there too!

I can't wait for these conferences and if you see me at either of these conferences don't be afraid to say Hi!

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