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Wow! What a Test Day!

Wed 25 May 2011

Yesterday, 24 May 2011, was the second test day that I had organised for Mozilla WebQA team. This is my team that I work in mainly trying to help them with their automation.

Yesterday was the turn of Addons.mozilla.org (AMO) to get the attention. And attention it got. Over the day, we managed to get a 13 pull requests from Mozilla employees, contractors and contributors. For a 24 hour period I think this is great. A small project, dedicated to Selenium tests, can get that attention just astounds me!

We have in the region of 10 new tests, tests that we never had before. I know this doesn't sound a lot but one thing that many people don't realise is that Mozilla has a large number of websites that need to have test coverage, so having one site gain 10 tests over a day means that we can concentrate on the more mission critical parts of sites. As we all know, AMO is quite a mission critical site for Mozilla.

On the side of the test day, Marlena Compton ran a GitHub WTF course to help people get up to speed with using Git. This course was quite useful both internally at Mozilla for people wanting to learn but also to contributors on the day.

Remember that a Test day is a focused day for contributors but you don't need a test day to contribute. We are always available on IRC if you don't know where to start. I look forward to seeing more faces at the next test day!

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