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Selenium Test Day with Mozilla WebQA

Thu 24 Mar 2011

Fancy writing Selenium tests along side Mozillians?

Next week Tuesday, 29 March 2011, I will be hosting a Test Day for Mozilla with help of some of my colleagues to help expand coverage on one of our projects and would love to have the Selenium Community help out!

So what is a test day? A test day is where Mozilla asks the community to help out on a project so we can make sure that it is properly tested and share ideas about testing the application. In this case we would like to expand our selenium coverage for http://input.mozilla.com and you can help by going through the details from our Quality.mozilla.org (QMO) blog post. All details will be updated there if need be so register and keep an eye on it!

It starts around 10am GMT on the Tuesday through to 1am GMT on the Wednesday so hopefully giving everyone from around the world a chance to participate. Come talk Selenium and help us build some amazing tests. Your name could be added to the contributors list if we use the test!

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