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Selenium Camp - Slides and Thoughts

Mon 28 Feb 2011

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to open the main track of Selenium Camp. Selenium Camp was the first Selenium Conference. It was held in Kiev, Ukraine. I was invited to go do a talk there by the organisers of the event a couple months ago and accepted their gracious offer.

I did my talk on Selenium 2 and was show casing all the differences between Selenium 1 and Selenium 2. My slides are available on here for everyone to see. I did demo's on the bits that Selenium 1 fails horribly with Selenium 2 does quite easy. I also did a demo on how to create tests for mobile devices showing off the iPhone support.

The event was extremely well organised and the organisers bent over backwards for all the speakers to get things done so I have am extremely thankful to them for a really great conference. They managed to have a conference with a good mix of people and, unheard of in a lot of western tech conferences, had a near 50/50 split of male/female.

While the talks were all in Russian or Ukrainian, the ones that I watched seemed to be easily translatable by seeing what was on the slides so I could get a gist of what the speaker was saying. They were all discussing the problems that every Selenium user has and how they have overcome it. What a Selenium Conference should be!

One of the things that worried me about going out to Selenium Camp was that I can say 2 things in Ukrainian. Da and Neit. This is something that I shouldn't have been worried about, they all spoke really good English and there were a lot of really smart people out there.

Thanks again to all the organisers for fetching me from the Airport and making sure I got back there safely. Thanks for organising a really great event and I hope that I can go to the next one!

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