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P2PU - My course in School of WebCraft

Wed 19 Jan 2011

Since joining Mozilla I have seen all the great things that they do and how their mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web works first hand. With this in mind I have decided to do a P2PU course in their School of WebCraft.

The School of WebCraft is a partnership between Mozilla and P2PU as part of Mozilla's Drumbeat project. The Drumbeat project is all about keeping the web open. It has a number of projects to make this happen and if you feel you agree with cause get involved!

Teaching via P2PU is a great opportunity for me to be able to share my knowledge and love of UI automation with people that want to learn. The course is a beginners course on how to use Selenium and is totally free!

Since this is my first course with P2PU I have limited the amount of people that can join to 10 but if this course works well then hopefully I will be able to advertise it and get a lot more people involved!

For those that didn't make it into my class hopefully you can sign up again in the future. There was nearly 40 people that signed up for the course that only accepted 10. This was just people that found the course by navigating the the P2PU site. A number of the courses were extremely over subscribed so there are definitely lots of people wanting to learn new things!

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