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How to organise a Test day

Fri 10 Jun 2011

After the success of my last test day I thought I would share some how I, and my fellow Mozillians, go about organising an event.

For those who don't know what a test day, let me explain. A test day is a day where the Mozilla asks community members to help test something. The day is spent focusing everyone's effort on this application. The application could be a desktop, mobile or web application.

So what are the benefits of a test day? The main benefits are that we will have worked through an application and raised bugs or triaged them.

As an example, the last test day for automation ended with over 14 patches from employees, contractors and contributors. That is phenomenal. Another example is the test day on Friday that had 27 bugs raised or triaged while working through the various about: pages within Firefox. It has a huge benefit in that people learn from each other. The test day is run on IRC with everyone discussing bugs, asking for thoughts on the look and feel. For those new to testing we help with areas to focus on. We guide people through creating high quality bug reports with all the bits we need. For Mozilla QA we get the much needed, and much appreciated, help from the community as well as making them feel part of making great product.

So, how do you organise a test day?

  • pick a product or feature
  • pick a day to hold it on
  • advertise it.
  • learn from it

The advertise step may seem obvious but this is where you get people really excited about a project or feature. My approach is, and I think it is a great selling point to community members, is reminding them that all the bugs, bug triaging, patches are all publicly available so can be placed on your CV. Visible proof you know how to do what you do makes a huge difference when it comes to looking for your next job.

Read up on our Wiki page for more info, our products wouldn't be as good as they are without these test days!

P.s. There is a test day today for Developer tools and would be great if you could help out!

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