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DDD9 - Slides and thoughts

Mon 31 Jan 2011

On Saturday I did a talk at DDD9, a .NET Community driven conference, about writing maintainable tests with the main focus on Page Object Pattern for tests.

My slides and Demo are available for all to see. Unfortunately I made the mistake in assuming that Microsoft would have a guest wifi connection for all people to use so people in my talk couldn't see my example. I have been spoiled by speaking at other venues and having to worry. Sorry all! P.S. If presenting with a Mac take a MiniDisplay Port to VGA converter. I only had a MiniDisplay to DVI and had to go hunting for one with one of the organisers.

The talks on the day were not bad for what they were talking about. Unfortunately I did fall into the trap of believing talk would be on what they title was. To be fair to Gary Short he did say it was the first time that he did his talk. I did learn a few things from his talk but was hoping to see more of a deep dive into .NET Collections and not micro-optimisations. All of this was made up by Gary's excitable talking style of course.

The next talk that enjoyed was by Helen Emerson. She did a talk on "CSS is Code, How do we avoid the usual problems". CSS admittedly has always been something I knew enough to get me by and always then asked others when I got stuck. Helen did show the usual mistakes and how the order of styles is important from the file. Yes I do know its Cascading Style Sheet and it does what says on the tin, but I still learnt that! I did also do my part in selling a fellow Selenium committer's startup, MogoTest from Kevin Menard, as a way to check layouts in different browsers.

Thanks to all of those who came to my talk and to the organisers of the day

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