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Selenium StackExchange Proposal

Fri 11 Jun 2010

A while ago Dave Hunt, a Selenium Contributor and London Selenium User Group organiser, suggested that perhaps we should have a look at creating a StackExchange site for Selenium. He suggested it after the StackOverflow team announced changes to StackExchange

On Wednesday Dave created our proposal so that we can get the ball rolling. I have signed up and want to help this proposal as much as I can. There are a couple reasons why I am advocating this so much.

  • Its a lot friendlier to use than Google groups
  • It will show up possible duplicates in questions. Chances are that if you are having an issue, someone else has had that issue before
  • It's like a game! It's points based so people will try get the most points that they can.

So what can you as a reader of this blog do? Well, if you are a Selenium User I suggest following to the proposal by logging into Area51 and clicking the follow button. The next thing to do is add some example questions if they aren't there. The more example questions the better as it will give people a better idea of what the StackExchange will be used for. Finally, start voting on the example questions. You do this by clicking on one three links on the left of the question as shown in the image below.

StackExchange Voting

I have benefitted from using the StackOverflow type sites(StackOverflow, ServerFault, etc) since their launch and I think that as a community we can all benefit from this site so please help the cause

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