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Selenium StackExchange Commitment

Mon 05 Jul 2010

First let me start by thanking those who followed the Selenium StackExchange Proposal. We managed to meet all the criteria that was set by the StackExchange Team and have moved onto the second stage.

The second stage is the commitment stage. This is where we get people to commit that they are going to use it to ask questions or answer questions when they are put on the site. This is a very important stage because it shows how strong the Selenium Community is and in my opinion we do have a strong community. Unfortunately, my opinion doesn't matter that much in the StackExchange process so if you haven't committed to the Selenium StackExchange Site please click on the link and commit.

You never know when you may need an answer to a question that may already have been asked and it's easy available to you with the new site

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