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London Selenium User Group

Wed 21 Apr 2010

Last night was the 2nd ever Selenium User Group in London and what a night it was! Arriving at their office we were ushered up to 4th floor where in true Google style we were given food, lots of food and beer so that we could all hang out and have a chat.

The event was mainly organised by Dave Hunt and he did a brilliant job organising the speakers and with the help of Simon Stewart organising a venue with food and beer.

Dave Hunt did a talk on how to move from Selenium 1 in the IDE and move to Selenium 2. He showed how you can use the new Selenium IDE Plugin Architecture that Adam Goucher got going. Dave created the WebDriverBacked Formatter plugin with Adam and he showed it off to good effect.

It was then my turn to speak. I was speaking about Selenium 2 and what it means for the Average QA. In the talk I described the major differences like the API is a lot more concise in Selenium 2 and also describes some of the things I described in my "Why Should I move to Selenium" blog post I did earlier this year. I have put my presentation below for all to see.

And I have put my demos on GitHub for all to see and play with.

Unfortunately I had to leave at this point so I missed Eran's talk and the pub session afterwards but from what I hear it was a really good way to finish the night.

Thanks to all that turned up for the User Group meeting and making a great event!

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