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What has changed in the last year at work

Thu 14 Feb 2008

Not that long ago it was my year anniversary with my employer. As with most people it just seemed to blow over but I have had a chance to reflect over what changes there have been in my time there. The one thing that I can definitely say is that I has been a good year.

When I started there was no testing team which means that there were no definitive test processes and no definitive automation testing.

There was however a team of developers eager to make sure that they delivered a good quality product.

In the last year I have managed to automate around 40% of the site with Selenium. This has then been installed on the development machines so that the developers can have a

way of developers to unit test thier front end code.

I have managed to get the development team to start using NUnit to create their unit tests instead of developing their own applications to unit test their work. This has meant the number of bugs that get into the builds has dropped dramatically.

These two changes have created a mindshift for all of the developers to a more agile development cycle. This shift has not been that difficult and the reason for this is the management team that I report to. They are always open to ideas especially ones that save money. And agile development on web projects definitely has this this appeal.

So next thing in my plan is to create an integration server so that all the different development teams all over the UK and France can check in their work and be confident that their changes will work on another environment.

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