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Interpretations of the V-model

Mon 09 Jun 2008

I have recently been doing interviews and one question that I like to ask interviewees is "Where do you feel testers should sit within the V-Model?"

The V-Model (as pictured below) is a representation of how most "development" tasks have an V-Modelequal "testing" task. I like to think of it as testings equivalent to Newton 3rd law.

This should be a good thing because it shows that there are different aspects of testing that need to be done during the software development lifecycle.

All the interviewee's seemed to give a different answer to the question above. Being the interviewer I was hoping for one of 2 answers.

The first answer would be one that made me rethink my thoughts on the V-Model. To be honest as an interviewer I am always looking forward to someone making me rethink a topic.

The other answer is that testing should encompass the entire V-Model. From the beginning of the Business Requirements stage to the end of the Acceptance Testing stage. The reason why I think this is because Quality Assurance should be in every aspect of the software development lifecycle.

I know that this is something from the Waterfall methodology but its a good way to see what needs to be done in the lifecycle and can easily be transformed into an Agile development.

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