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GTAC 2008 - Day 1

Fri 24 Oct 2008

Day one of GTAC has been really cool. There have been a number of really good talks. I will put links to the YouTube videos when I know them.

James Whittaker's opening talk was a really good start to the day. One of the main things he talked about was the visualization of testing for the future. He discussed the way that people can visualise when there are new code differences. This can be very useful in making sure that testers can see what is new and what should be concentrated on. I am always keen on using visual ways to test and make sure that the quality is high.

The next talk that caught my attention was "Advances in Automated Software Technologies". This talk discussed the idea of Autonomous Computing in software testing and the idea that you can auto generate test cases against APIs. It is an interesting idea but the way that it was put across was that you can only use this on items where the requirements are rock solid. This is not really something that can be applied to Agile developments.

The talk on Groovy was really good. I have started playing with Groovy when trying to automate SOA testing using SoapUI. Its a nice language that can be strong typed or weak typed at the same time and really useful for scripting. Since I haven't played with it a lot I did learn a lot like you can hook into all languages that use the JVM.

The next talk that really interested me was the last talk of the day. It was on the testability of code. It was looking to see how easy is it to test and making tests simpler. This is important because it means that your tests become manageable and supportable. Vishal Chowdhary was advocating SOCK:

  • Simplicity of your code
  • Observe how things work and interact
  • Control of your tests
  • Knowledge of what it should be done

He was also saying that we need to make sure that we don't overdesign software because this can add extra complexity when there doesn't need to be!

The talks have been very good and have stimulated some ideas that I want to take back to work! I am now off to the Google Seattle office for a tour the lightning talks.

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